plunge pools are in vouge

Plunge Pools are exploding in popularity for so many reasons. So what is a plunge pool?

Swimming pools have become a “must-have” fashion feature in your garden, especially when summer hits and you need a way to escape from the heat. But if you live in a smaller home or don’t have a particularly big garden, have a limited budget or want to minimise your environmental impact, installing a traditional sized swimming pool isn’t always an option or desirable. That’s where the plunge pool comes in.

A plunge pool is really just a smaller version of a traditional swimming pool, and it works in much the same way. They’re normally installed in-ground, above-ground or partially recessed and have all of the same filters and pumps as their larger traditional swimming pool counterparts. Generally, most plunge pools are between 3 to 7 meters in length, 2 to 3 meters wide, and typically about 1.3-1.5 meters deep. The plunge pool is a perfect compromise. You can enjoy all the lifestyle benefits of a pool in a much smaller area, economically and environmentally.

The benefits of a plunge pool

Small Space Requiement

Because of their smaller size, you can fit a plunge pool into an area where a traditional swimming pool could never hope to be installed. Many people install plunge pools alongside a patio; or even tuck it away by a wall. Turning previously wasted space into an impressive new feature.

Quicker to Install

Their smaller size means plunge pools generally have a much quicker installation time than a traditional sized pool; especially if its a BLOC precast pool! Which means you can be enjoying your new pool in days, not months.

Lower Installation Costs

A plunge pool is generally cheaper than installing a regular size swimming pool, as the area to be cleared and dug is less. There are fewer total materials needed for the construction and surrounding areas such as coping tiling, fencing and decking needs.

Economical Ongoing Costs

The water needs for a plunge pool are far less than a regular pool, meaning you save money on many fronts. Fewer chemicals are needed to keep the water clean, and associated running costs for pumps, filters and heaters are also much lower.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

Plunge pools are very easy to take care of. Their smaller size means less debris finds its way inside, and you can even use a manual vacuum and scoop net when you do need to remove leaves that may accumulate in your pool.

Environmental Balance

Plunge pools are a great environmentally conscious choice as they require less materials and energy to construct and install, and reduced water and energy consumption to use and maintain than traditional sized pools.