revolutionising the concrete pool industry


By taking what has traditionally been a timely, and often messy, on-site construction solution and turning it into a pre-engineered off-site manufactured one, we have revolutionised the concrete pool building process.

Our range of monobloc precast concrete plunge pools is pioneering the future of swimming pools; bringing the fastest, easiest and highest quality concrete pools to the market.

Our pools aren’t just an innovative product solution, they are a revolutionary process solution that gives builders more control over their projects and a faster, easier, and more often than not, cost-effective solution for a premium concrete swimming pool.

Every BLOC pool is manufactured off site in a controlled factory environment, comes finished with glass mosaic pool tiles and is fitted with its primary plumbing; including skimmer box, main floor drain and return flows. It is then shipped to site and simply craned into position.

From humble suburbs to rooftops of the most premium apartment developments, you can do it all, with a BLOC precast concrete pool.

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