here are some frequently asked questions


Here are some frequently asked questions. If your question is not here or you just need more clarification, please get in touch. We are here to help! Contact us.


We don't have a showroom.

Pool Specification

Every Bloc Pools external shell height is 1.5m, which makes the typical internal water depth 1.30 -1.40m.

Due to the precast nature of our pools, modifications such as increasing or decreasing size is not possible.

Every BLOC pool is supplied fitted with the principle pool plumbing equipment, including a skimmer box, main floor drain, return flows. Secondary pluming and water filtration equipment such as the pump, filter, chlorinator and heater, if required, are separate from the pricing advertised on our pools.

The internal finish of the pool is glass mosaic pool tile.

Yes, your Bloc pool can be tiled internally or externally, and internal
mosaic tiling is a standard option. However, we can supply your Bloc
pool with no internal tiling at a reduced price. Either you or your
builder/installer/tiler can then tile it for you to make your Bloc
pool unique.

The external surfaces of our pools are delivered with a plain smooth concrete finish.

Due to the nature of precast concrete, the top edge of your Bloc pool is not an architectural finish. There will be slight imperfections caused by the moulding process. To maximise the aesthetic appeal and longevity of your Bloc pool we highly recommend the use of coping tiles or stones. This will not only improve the look but also help protect the concrete from wear and tear. Our pools are not supplied with coping tiles.

Your BLOC Pool is not designed to be weight-bearing. Direct fixing of
structural members will void the ten-year structural warranty.


We are the manufacturer and supplier only - the installation is organised by yourself through a local builder, pool builder, or structural landscaper. Or you can even do it yourself as an owner-builder if you are so inclined.

Yes, BLOC pools can be installed fully above-ground, fully in-ground,
semi-recessed, or even on a rooftop!

As a manufacturer and supplier only, we do not conduct site visits or
have designated BLOC pool installers. We recommend contacting a local architect, pool installer or builder in your area to discuss your BLOC pool installation.

The crane company will need the dimensions and weight of the pool and the location of the lifting points. These are specified in our lifting

BLOC pools are perfect for any site, including sloping sites.

Yes, the pool can be used to retain earth. The engineering we provide
covers a certain level of retaining, anything beyond this level would
require site specific engineering at your own consultation.


The advertised price is for the pool shell only, as shipping and installation costs are
always site and project specific.

Additional costs that are always site and project specific including transport to site, crane hire, earthworks, equipment, and finishes.

No. Crane costs are always site and project specific and will need to be quoted and managed by an external crane company, this is normally arranged by your pool installer. The shipping costs ensure your Bloc pool is delivered to your specified address on a flatbed or articulated lorry. If access is not available for a flatbed or articulated lorry, additional costs may be incurred.

Crane costs vary depending on the access available on site. We recommend engaging a local crane company to conduct a site visit and provide you with a quote.


The pool shell has a 10 year warranty*. The pool tiling has a 2 year warranty and the the various third party components have the original manufactures warranty.

* Subject to terms and conditions.

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