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Building Partnerships

From humble suburbs to rooftops of the most premium apartment developments, you can do it all with a BLOC precast concrete pool.

Whether a pool is requested by a client during their building project brief, specified by an architect at the design phase, or offered by a builder as part of an options selection or promotional inclusion, we’ve helped win contracts, delight clients and deliver projects on budget and on time with an in house, builders direct premium concrete pool solution. No longer do you need to outsource your client’s desire for a pool. By partnering with us as your pool supplier, you can truly take back control of your projects from start to finish with the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective, premium concrete pool solution in the market.

Every BLOC pool is accompanied with standardised pre-engineered specifications and a straightforward installation process that allows you complete flexibility to install in ground, above-ground, or anywhere in between. This makes our pools an easy solution no matter the site: flat, sloped, tiered, or even on rooftops.

Our innovative pools make BLOC the ideal solution for your:

- Multi-residential building developments

- New build residential homes

- Residential renovations or extensions

- Landscaping and / or stand-alone pool additions

- Commercial leisure / tourist accommodation schemes

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